The (not so) daily

From daily routine to meaning.

Mar 24, 2019


There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. – Phil Karlton I’ve recently been working on a Rails project that uses a lot of...

Oct 15, 2018

How does Devise keep your passwords safe?

I’ve always been curious about the encrypted_password column that Devise stores on your database. Here’s an example: $2a$11$yMMbLgN9uY6J3LhorfU9iuLAUwKxyy8w42ubeL4MWy7Fh8B.CH/yO But what does it mean? Devise uses Bcrypt to securely store information....

Apr 11, 2018

6 projects in 6 months (and why I'm not proud)

I’ve recently realized that I’ve built 6 projects in 6 months. Projects built in the last 6 months:- Airpass ( SciShare ( Communities List ( Papis List ( dajoana (

Jan 15, 2018

Blockstack Electron apps

TLDR: sign-in via blockstack to an electron app by serving manifest.json on a separate child-process and make sure to package & run your app to register the protocol client. Sample...

Oct 13, 2017


Hi. I’ve been meaning to start a daily log of my path from daily routine to life meaning (whatever that means) but that reflected a new way of sharing. This...

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