The (not so) daily


Hi. I’ve been meaning to start a daily log of my path from daily routine to life meaning (whatever that means) but that reflected a new way of sharing.

This site is built using dat, beaker, hashbase and jekyll. A decentralized, manual setup that allows me to rely only on the tools at hand and write in my own format and style.

Quick intro: I’m a medical graduate because I wanted to understand the problems from the healthcare perspective and solve them using technology (doesn’t quite work like that as I see it now). Studied classical music for 18 years but it doesn’t fascinate me anymore like it used to. I’ve been developing software for around 9 years now (from Actionscript, to PHP, Objective-C, Javascript, Ruby, Swift…) and the possibility of building anything with technology still amazes me to this day.

I’ve ran iterar for the past 4 years and we’re ceasing our operations because each of our personal ambitions felt defrauded. Healthcare is a land of opportunities with minefields and wandering merchants around every corner. I’ll eventually get back to it.

The plan now is 3 folded:

  1. Secure subsistence → Short term
  2. Generate a passive income through great projects → Medium term
  3. Build meaningful contributions to the world → Long term

Subsistence / survival with the minimum standards of living is almost accomplished for the next year.

I’m now mostly focused on building sustainable projects that solve specific problems on a range of communities. So I’m trying to figure out what community I mostly identify with, which one I can be of better help and what kind of solutions I can quickly iterate upon to build sustainable and relevant businesses.

Tomorrow I’ll talk more about those and every other day I’ll write a status update.

Do get in touch.

Tiago Alves